Bucket Machine Cleaning

The bucket machine is a mechanical cleaning device used removing large deposits of silt, sand, gravel, and grit. These machines are used mainly in larger diameter pipelines to remove accumulated debris that cannot be cleared by water hydro jet methods. The bucket machine is trailer mounted and consists mainly of a cable storage drum with 1000 feet of steel cable and an engine with a controllable drive train.

Two units are required for this method, one machine is positioned at the upstream manhole and one machine is positioned at the downstream manhole to pull a steel bucket back and forth through the sewer. The buckets range in size from 6 to 24 inches. The bucket is cylindrical and the bottom of the bucket has two opposing hinged jaws.

When the bucket is pulled through the material obstructing the line, these jaws are open and dig into and fill the bucket. When the bucket is pulled in the reverse direction, the jaws are forced closed by a slide action. Any material in the bucket is retained as the bucket is pulled out through the manhole.