Main Line CCTV Inspection

American Undergrounds pan-and-tilt camera systems offer unparalleled imaging technology and built-in directional lighting for 6” to 144” pipe to produce the clearest picture and detail for your pipeline assessment. Our cameras manufactured by Cues provide up to 40:1 optical/digital zoom, automatic focus, remote focus and iris control to assure the highest quality picture within varying pipe conditions. A remotely activated light enhancement feature is included to produce clearly illuminated pictures within challenging conditions such as larger diameter black pipe. Auxiliary lighting is available to inspect 84” through 200” diameter pipe. When an obstruction blocks movement in a pipe or for quick-look inspections, details can be observed from far-away distances with perfect clarity. Get the finest detailed video inspections with American Underground Inc.

Ground Water Entering Pipe At Bad Joint Severe Root Infiltration At Bad Joint
Multiple Cracks Causing Egg Shaped Pipe House Connection Blocking Main Sewer Line
 CCTV Inspection Vehicle  Manhole Access To The Main Sewer
Operator Inputting Data From Inspection